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What's New at Phillips Nizer LLP

Steven H. Thal, Conducts Lecture Seminar on International Contract Negotiations
at the University of Munich Law School in Germany

Steven H. Thal, International Counsel at Phillips Nizer LLP, conducted a lecture seminar in May 2011 at the University of Munich Law School (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München) in Munich, Germany.  Taught both in German and English, Mr. Thal used both the U.S. law school case book and Socratic method.  Remarkably, the seminar was an intense, accelerated program of a full semester taught in one week. 

For six years, Mr. Thal has been lecturing at the law school.  He is a co-founder and general counsel to the German-American Partnership Program, which is the largest student exchange program between the United States and Germany.