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What's New at Phillips Nizer LLP

Michael W. Galligan Joins Members of the New York State Bar Association International Section
at the 2011 Seasonal Meeting in Panama

Michael W. Galligan, partner in the Trusts & Estates, Tax and Immigration practices at Phillips Nizer, will join members of the New York State Bar Association International Section ("NYSBA International") in Panama City, Panama for the 2011 Seasonal Meeting, "Latin America as an Engine for Economic Recovery and Growth"

The meeting, which this year, will be hosted by a local steering committee comprised of lawyers from the Central and South American cities of Panama City, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Santiago, São Paolo, and San Jose, will be held from September 20 - 24, 2011.  A pre-meeting of the NYSBA Costa Rica Chapter will be held on on September 19.

Mr. Galligan, who served as the 2009-2010 International Section Chair, will co-present on the Costa Rica Chapter pre-meeting program, "Choice of New York Law and Forum in International Agreements".  He co-chairs and will be a panel presenter on the September 23rd program, "Regulation of Offshore Accounts and Trusts in the US and Latin America".

To register for the 2011 Seasonal Meeting of the International Section, please click here or visit the New York State Bar Association Website at:

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An August 8, 2011 article in Capital, a weekly business Panamanian publication, reports on the International Section's programming.  Phillips Nizer and Michael Galligan is mentioned in "Panamá será la sede del NYSBA 2011" (translation: "Panama will host the 2011 NYSBA")

The article appears in Spanish.  To translate to English, please utilize a search engine translation tool.