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What's New at Phillips Nizer LLP

Elliot J. Wiener, Partner and Chair of the Matrimonial & Family Law Practice co-authors article
related to child custody and Internet pornography published in the Journal of Child Custody

Elliot J. Wiener, partner and chair of the Matrimonial & Family Law Practice co-authors, "The Impact of Internet Pornography Use and Cybersexual Behavior on Child Custody and Visitation," Journal of Child Custody, Vol. 10, Issue 1, 2013. 

As an attorney with an over 30-year career practicing in family law as a trial attorney and trained divorce mediator, Mr. Wiener focuses in the areas of divorce, custody, visitation, support, and related matters.  He frequently presents on issues relating to child custody before law guardians throughout the Metropolitan New York area.  Mr. Wiener has served as a law guardian for hundreds of children in proceedings which span the entire range of family law. 

Abstract from the Journal of Child Custody:
Use of the Internet has been increasingly associated with sexual behaviors. Referred to as online sexual activity, these sexual behaviors include cybersexual behavior and pornography usage. Child custody evaluators are increasingly being asked to assess the impact of these behaviors on child custody and visitation determinations. In this article, we review the Internet-related sexual behaviors of cybersex and pornography usage, which have been associated with an increased risk of compulsive sexual behavior. Gender differences, general effects of pornography, and the effects of cybersex on the family are reviewed. Healthy sexuality and normative sexual behaviors in children are described. Legal issues and case law are comprehensively reviewed.

To purchase a copy of this article, please visit the publisher's page for the Journal of Child Custody here.