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Law Firm Leaders: Phillips Nizer Managing Partner Marc Landis is featured in Law360

Marc Landis Landis chats with Law360 about how the firm has evolved since its inception, its operation during the coronavirus pandemic and his goals for the firm's future.


Phillips Nizer White Collar Practice Chair Ilene Jaroslaw is quoted in Law360 article: Loughlin's 'Sweetheart' Deal May Spark 'Varsity Blues' Pleas

Ilene Jaroslaw, a former federal prosecutor and the chair of Phillips Nizer LLP's white collar and investigations practice group, said the agreed-upon sentences for Loughlin and Giannulli, which are far lower than some of the terms suggested by the government in other "Varsity Blues" cases, could encourage parents with perhaps stronger cases to sit down with the government and see how much better they could do. 


Phillips Nizer Managing Partner Marc Landis is quoted in Law360 article: Law Firm Succession Ins't New, So Why Is It So Hard?

As the firms are plotting their future, Marc Landis, managing partner of roughly 70-lawyer Phillips Nizer LLP, wanted to remind the firm leaders that succession planning is not a "one-time exercise."

The New York-based firm, which was founded in 1926 by attorneys Louis Phillips and Louis Nizer, has already gone through several generations of leaders, Landis said.

"Succession planning, particularly in the law firm setting, is very much an art rather than a science," Landis said.  "The relationships among attorneys at a firm, relationships between attorneys and clients, are all very personal and very specific nad need to be treated as such."

Landis said a law firm is not like an automobile factory where if all the workers left one day, the new employees would be immediately able to pick up the work by using the same machines and making the same cars. 

"The attorneys' relationships with their clients are based on the clients having confidence in their knowledge, their brainpower, their judgment and a willingness to really understand the client's needs," he added. 


Ally Law Members Elect 2020-2021 Executive Board

Marc Landis was re-elected to Ally Law's Executive Board for the 2020-2021 term.


iPhillipsNizer: Where intellectual property and business law intersect with industry (Spring 2020) | A publication of the Intellectual Property Practice | Read here


Ilene Jaroslaw is quoted in New Jersey Law Journal:  Justices Unanimously Overturn Bridgegate Convictions, Ruling Against Feds

The ruling means fewer tools are available to federal prosecutors to rein in corruption and abuse of power by public officials, said Ilene Jaroslaw, head of the white-collar group at Phillips Nizer and a former prosecutor in the Eastern District of New York.

“The court held today that public officials cannot be guilty of federal wire fraud or government-programs fraud unless the corrupt state actor’s objective is to obtain money or property.  Merely implementing bad policy out of venality or other bad motives does not violate these federal criminal statutes,” Jaroslaw said.