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  • Phillips Nizer Intellectual Property Legal Alert - Fake News, Fake Invoices (March 2021) 

    You've heard of fake news, but what about fake invoices?  Beware of bogus notices and invoices from imposters. 

    Recently, there has been a proliferation of companies that pose as the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) which try to fool trademark owners into paying to them amounts needed to maintain or renew their trademarks.  These fraudsters mail trademark owners phony notices with names and typefaces so realistic that even sophisticated clients have been fooled.  

  • Ally Law: Meet Sumana Murthy - Young Leader from New York 

    Meet our Members: The Ally Law network is built upon the strength of member firms and the individual lawyers who practice within them. This series features the Ally Law leadership team, participants in the Young Leaders Development Program, and network lawyers from across the globe.

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