Phillips Nizer LLP | Sophisticated Legal Service | Partner Mark Axinn was recently quoted in a <em >Habitat Magazine</em > article, “Get Your Guard Up”
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Partner Mark Axinn was recently quoted in a Habitat Magazine article, “Get Your Guard Up”

Mark Axinn, Chair, Cooperative and Condominium Practice at Phillips Nizer, was quoted in Habitat Magazine’s December 2023 issue for the article, “Get Your Guard Up”, discussing co-op and condo boards’ risk of cybersecurity attacks and how to minimize the risk of a breach in security. 
Mark’s quotes were stated as:
“The general rule is that if you’re suing and you’re not quite sure who’s liable, you sue everybody,” says Mark Axinn.

And even when boards are not found responsible for damages, simply being named in a lawsuit “could still run up a substantial legal bill,” Axinn adds.
To read the full article, download the pdf below.