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Phillips Nizer Represents Light Nation Media In Suit Against Dr. Oz Campaign

Light Nation Media LLC, a New Jersey consulting and fundraising firm, on Friday filed a lawsuit against Doctor Oz for Senate in New Jersey Federal court, alleging that Oz’s campaign breached a contract in order to gain access to a pool of American Jewish campaign donors without compensation.

The Doctor Oz for Senate committee hired Teaneck, New Jersey-based Light Nation in order to gain financial and political support from the American Jewish community for Oz. According to the complaint, ““It was no secret that plaintiff’s list of established donors to political and other causes was drawn almost exclusively from the American Jewish community. Such potential donors were well known for generously supporting political candidates sympathetic to Israel, and other issues dear to the Jewish community.”

Dr. Oz received the financial benefit of Light Nation’s network of established Jewish donors to political and other causes, but refused to pay any commissions as contracted. The total amount of unpaid commissions due is conservatively estimated to be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Shterny Glick, the head of Light Nation, is the daughter of Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, an internationally recognized Rabbi, author, lecturer and thought leader. Ms. Glick’s efforts depended, almost entirely, on the donors’ perception of Dr. Oz’s commitment to support for the State of Israel and other issues of interest to the American Jewish community. However, the complaint alleges that Dr. Oz’s campaign officials never provided Glick with official Israel policy papers showing Oz’s support for Israel, despite numerous requests.

Marc A. Landis, Managing Partner of Phillips Nizer LLP, is representing Light Nation Media in the lawsuit, filed under Index No. 2:22-cv-06465 (US District Court, District of New Jersey). Please contact us if you would like a copy of the complaint.