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Past Events

Date Event

April 18, 2018 American Bar Association | 33rd Annual Intellectual Property Law Conference (April 18 - 20, 2018) featuring Monica P. McCabe

April 10, 2018 New York State Bar Association | "Smooth Moves: Career Strategies for Women of Color" (April 10, 2018) featuring Lauren J. Wachtler

April 5, 2018 American Bar Association (ABA) | 9th Annual Miami Entertainment Law Symposium (April 5 - 6, 2018) featuring Helene M. Freeman

April 5, 2018 Veritas Advisory Group | 3rd Annual Women's Legal Forum (April 5, 2018) featuring Lauren J. Wachtler

March 5, 2018 New York State Bar Association | "Taking the Lead: Winning Strategies and Techniques for Commercial Cases" (March 5, 2018) featuring Rachel M. Bandli and Lauren J. Wachtler

March 1, 2018 Nassau County Bar Association | "Recognizing, Preventing and Addressing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace" featuring Regina E. Faul

February 12, 2018 "Selling In A Skirt" Features Litigation Department Co-Chair on February 12th Podcast featuring Lauren J. Wachtler

January 30, 2018 Foundation for Accounting Education | "Treaties, Taxes, and Cross-Border Compliance" (January 30, 2018) featuring Michael W. Galligan