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We provide customized immigration law advice and assistance to individuals, families and companies who need personalized guidance and representation in obtaining and maintaining authorization for family members, executives, investors and employees to legally visit, reside, and work in the United States.

We handle petitions for U.S. nonimmigrant status on behalf of executives, investors and employees, including H-1B Specialty Occupation employees, L-1 A/B Intracompany Transferees, and E Treaty/Traders and Investors.  We also represent clients in obtaining permanent residence status (“green cards”) based on family relationships, employment offers or investment commitments.  We assist U.S. permanent residents in qualifying and “naturalizing” to become U.S. citizens.  

We advise employers about compliance with U.S. immigration law requirements and we assist persons who have acquired status as legal non-immigrants, legal immigrants or naturalized citizens in maintaining their status.  We also assist family members of persons who have qualified for U.S. legal status to obtain derivative status. 

Our immigration group works closely with our Tax and Trusts and Estates departments to analyze the U.S. income and estate tax implications of our clients’ immigration options in determining appropriate immigration status and the timing of changes in immigration status.

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