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Our Guardianship professionals have a wealth of experience in guiding individuals and families through guardianship proceedings, which can be difficult and emotional processes involving complex family dynamics. 
Whether due to age, illness, or accident, many families face a time when a loved one is either temporarily or permanently unable to make decisions regarding their personal affairs. Even in situations where a loved one has pre-appointed a decision-maker, those plans may prove inadequate due to family conflict, the decision-maker's inability to carry out his or her duties, or allegations of wrongdoing against the decision-maker.  

Our Guardianship attorneys serve as both court-appointed and privately-retained counsel in contested and uncontested guardianship proceedings. We have successfully defended individuals alleged to be incapacitated who opposed the appointment of guardians. Additionally, courts frequently appoint us to serve as Neutral Court Evaluators, Property and Personal Needs Guardians, and counsel to Guardians. Our attorneys are also experienced in working with law enforcement and District Attorneys on matters involving elder abuse and financial exploitation.  

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