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Integrity Oversight & Investigations

Integrity oversight and independent investigations is a longstanding and important practice of the firm, dating back to the time of Louis Nizer and his colleagues. Our attorneys serve as monitors, receivers, trustees and independent counsel. 

We also act as legal counsel for clients holding these and similar fiduciary positions. Indeed, our attorneys have been appointed or retained, pursuant to court order or upon consent, to perform integrity oversight services in a wide variety of contexts and industries, including real estate, financial services and health care. 

We also handle independent investigations. Although most of these assignments are confidential, they often involve discovering, assessing and making recommendations or drawing conclusions about corporate events, employee defalcations, campaign and ethical issues, financial audit issues, or compliance with policies pertaining to areas as diverse as antitrust, accounting, judicial administration and securities trading. 

Our lawyers are familiar with industry standards and practices, and include former prosecutors and government employees who bring special insights to investigative processes. We also maintain relationships with leading forensic accountants and private investigators, drawing on such expertise when needed. We collaborate with our clients’ internal personnel, and we provide independent validation of investigative findings and conclusions. 

Our team also has the experience to conduct a diligent review of matters such as college admissions irregularities, employee misconduct, cybersecurity breaches, “me too” allegations and IP theft. We can provide you with a report setting forth our findings and our recommendations for remediation, in line with best practices.  And if your institution must interact with regulatory or enforcement authorities, our independence and experience lends credibility to your efforts to right a difficult situation.  

We are known for our competence, experience, credibility and discretion, and our ability to deliver high quality work quickly and efficiently. We understand that by their very nature, integrity oversight and independent investigations often involve sensitive subjects that can dramatically impact an organization and its employees. We always remain mindful of each client’s ongoing business needs and bottom line.

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