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Commercial Arbitration

In recent years, commercial arbitration has become an increasingly popular mechanism to adjudicate all manner of private business disputes.  Arbitration can be a more time- and cost- efficient alternative to the courts, often allowing parties to have their issues determined with a reduced impact on their business and personal concerns compared to litigation. We are sensitive to the costs attendant to litigation and always weigh the benefits of alternative dispute resolution in our clients’ matters.

Our deep litigation bench includes attorneys who have successfully guided clients through all phases of commercial arbitration, and have appeared before various arbitral bodies including the American Arbitration Association (AAA), FINRA, and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), among others.  We have represented clients in court challenges ancillary to arbitration proceedings, including challenges to arbitration clauses and post-arbitration enforcement actions.  

In arbitration proceedings, as in federal and state courts, our attorneys balance aggressive advocacy with level pragmatism.  We believe that the best arbitration results are achieved through careful attention to strategy, starting early – with filing or answering a claim and selecting the right arbitrator or arbitration panel to achieve the desired result for our clients.

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